The Basement Sessions, Volume I

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Track listing:

1. Best Day of Your Life
2. Special Sauce
3. Church Barbecue *
4. Mowing Molly'g Garden
5. Sinusitis +
6. Hair of the Dog

  all songs written/copyright Ethan Sellers, except * copyright Patrick Buzby, and + copyright Ethan Sellers, Vojo Milosevic, and Nathan Syfrig.
artwork copyright 2002 Ethan Taylor Sellers


Suzy Brack (backing vocals)
Fanta Brooks (backing vocals)
Patrick Buzby (drums)
Hilary Clark (cello)
Ethan Sellers (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Glenn Meizlesh (electric guitar)
Michael Sinclair (bass)
Nathan Syfrig (keyboards, electric violin)
Aaron Weistrop (electric guitar)
Vojo (electric guitar)
Jeff Yang (acoustic violin, viola)


Produced/engineered/mixed by Ethan Sellers
Recorded at Tautologic World Headquarters
Mixed/mastered at Chicago Sound Factory
Mastering and some re-mixing by Jon Heidelberger
Artwork by Ethan Sellers


Except as otherwise noted, all material on this website is copyright 2018 Tautologic. Album artwork by Ethan Sellers.