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The skinny on the band, in brief:

Tautologic is an eclectic progressive rock band based in Chicago. The band was formed in 1997 as a vehicle for founding members Ethan Sellers' and Pat Buzby's eclectic musical compositions and off-beat lyrics. The group's richly orchestrated recordings have garnered the band praise for its inventive arrangements, performed by some of Chicago's best musicians.

Tautologic has released two CDs to international critical acclaim and radio airplay, making at least one critic's year-end best-of list. The band has performed on the stage at various clubs, radio stations, and television shows in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and the Minneapolis-area.

Tautologic writes lyrics and constructs rock operas about things drawn from life like burnout roommates and their psychotic crack-whore girlfriends, tube socks, crazy homeless people, indie hipsters, quasi-terroristic rants against totalitarian utility companies, and anything else that entertains and/or irritates Sellers and Buzby in real life.

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